Learning kitesurfing takes time, patience and lots of practice. The best, fastest and safest way to learn kitesurfing is to take lessons. During your lessons you will learn all the necessary skills in becoming an independent rider including:

  • Kite piloting
  • Body dragging
  • Board recovery
  • Self rescue
  • Upwind and downwind riding

There are several different strategies and techniques on how to learn kitesurfing. The location and wind conditions have a major part in how lessons are run. Wind direction, wind speed, obstacles in the water and on the land as well as the amount of other kiters on the water determines where and how lessons are taught.

In Squamish the wind blows offshore from the Spit (the launching and landing zone). The Spit is a very small piece of land and can get very crowded- especially on the weekends. There are many downwind obstacles from the Spit, meaning it is not a suitable place for beginners. Because of this, all lessons are done from boats. From the Squamish boat launch students are driven way upwind away from all other riders and downwind obstacles, this way the learning process is stress and danger free.

Through years of experience, our instructors have come up with a strategy of how to learn kitesurfing in Squamish the fastest, safest and most fun way possible. Students will begin flying the kite straight away while the kite is connected into the boat. This way they can learn to pilot the kite correctly without the fear of being pulled or dragged. Once kite control is mastered, students will then go in the water and practice the power stroke. Next they will go straight for the board. Once students can ride comfortably and have great kite control, students will be taken back to the beach to learn launching and landing. Other independence skills such as upwind body dragging for board recovery and upwind riding will be taught at the end as it is easier to learn once kite control is good.

Self rescues will be done at the end of every lesson as this is one of the most important skills in kiteboarding. Before being certified to ride alone, students must be able to show a self rescue in the water alone.