Learning how to kiteboard is a challenging and rewarding process. With the guidance of an instructor, Aerial Kiteboarding will teach you all the necessary skills to become an independent kiteboarder in no time!

The process begins as soon as you arrive at the shop where you will be greeted by our staff who will provide you with the necessary equipment (helmet, harness, wetsuit and safety vest) for your lesson. During this time our staff are there to answer any of your questions in order to fully prepare you.

You will be introduced to your instructor and your lesson will begin as you walk down to the Squamish Yacht Club.

In order to learn how to kiteboard it is necessary to master kite flying first. This is the most challenging aspect of kiteboarding. To eliminate fear and maximize safety, the kite is first attached to the boat where you can learn to control the power without actually being connected. If you make a mistake, there is no consequence to you as the power is going directly through the boat.

Once you are fully comfortable flying the kite, the kite will then be attached to you directly. The remainder of the progression will be done in the water where you will learn body dragging, how to get your board back when it falls off, how to use the power of the kite to stand on a board and finally learn to ride.

Learning how to kiteboard doesn’t end there. Not only do we offer beginner lessons but once you become fully independent we also offer advanced lessons to take your riding to a new level. Join pro rider Sam Medysky and Daniel Grains sponsored by Best Kiteboarding who will be offering advanced sessions for those looking to improve their riding.