About Us

Aerial Kiteboarding was founded in 2010 in Winnipeg, Manitoba- originally offering snow kite lessons in the winter season. After 2 successful seasons in Winnipeg, Aerial Kiteboarding moved to Squamish BC offering boat supervised lessons off the Squamish Spit. In 2015 the shop was opened in downtown Squamish moving away from the spit and operating fully out of the downtown location. Along with kiteboarding lessons we offer gear sales, gear repairs, wakeboarding lessons, SUP rentals, tours and lessons as well as boat tours, jet ski rentals and more making us the largest watersports centre in Squamish.


We Offer the Best Kiteboarding Lessons in Squamish

Learning to kiteboard in Squamish is amazing for a lot of reasons. All lessons are boat supervised offering the safest and most progressive way of learning kiteboarding. Because of the boat we are able to teach in an order that is the most fun allowing our students to learn to ride the board first an independence skills such as kite set up, launching, landing and upwind body dragging later. The instructor is always right next to the student in the boat making it much safer than learning from the beach and much more progressive as the instructor can communicate with the student the whole time. During the initial stages of learning the kite will be hooked into the boat, this way if any mistakes are made the student is not pulled.


We Offer SUP Tours and Rentals

Our inflatable SUP boards are a perfect summer or rainy day activity. The boards are all inflatable and will fit in any car. You can take the boards to the lake or join us on a float tour down the Squamish River. We will guide you down the river from the Squamish Valley all the way to the Spit- an amazing adventure through with breathtaking views and a thrilling ride.


Try Wake or Foil Boarding Behind the Boat

Take advantage of the early morning flat water and head out for a wakeboarding session or if you’ve been wanting to learn how to foil, come out and learn behind the boat before trying with the kite- you will see your progression soar!


We Are the Only Kiteboarding Shop in Squamish

Come check out the Aerial Kiteboarding shop located at 37813 Second Ave for all your kiteboarding needs. We offer gear sales, repairs (free rental offered while your gear is in for repair) and lessons. All customers and clients are welcome to use the hot showers and jacuzzi facilities at our shop location.