There is no specific beginner kiteboard, but as a learner it is best to start with a larger board. A large board floats better and has more surface area making it easier to stand up and ride.

As learners progress and ride with ease, most people will switch from the large beginner kiteboard to something smaller for more manoeuvrability and better pop. Others choose to ride on a surfboard or directional board depending on the location. A twin tip board is preferable at a flat water spot for freestyle riding where as a directional or surfboard is preferable at a wave spot.

Squamish, BC is an amazing location for a beginner kiteboard lesson. Different from most kite destinations in the world, in Squamish we teach from boats. This allows students to progress quicker than any beach locations for many reasons:

  1. Complete beginners are taught to fly the kite attached to a fixed point in the boat. This directs all the power of the kite through the boat instead of through the student leaving no consequence to the student if the kite is accidentally moved through the power zone. Having no power attached to the student eliminates the fear factor and allows the student to focus on how the kite flies and mastering the skill before ever being pulled by the kite.
  2. Students are constantly being driven up wind and out of the way of other students and riders while learning, this allows them to stay focused on their own skills and riding rather than worrying about other riders and obstacles.
  3. The mountains in the Howe Sound cause wind shadows making the wind different strengths in different parts of the Sound. Our instructors know the Sound well and are able to choose the best wind for their students ability.
  4. Learning from a boat eliminates the need for independence skills such as upwind body dragging, upwind riding, launching, landing and self rescue. All these skills are necessary in becoming an independent rider and are also necessary while learning from a beach. But with the boat comes the security of an instructor by your side at every moment, and enables up to focus on riding first and independence skills as you go.

Aerial Kiteboarding offers beginner kiteboard lessons as well as progression sessions, advanced lessons and snow kite lessons over the summer. Contact us at 778 989 5483.