Aerial Kiteboarding- Squamish Watersports is a kiteboarding school and watersports centre operating in Squamish BC. We are the largest kite school in North America and also offer trips abroad in the winter when the wind stops blowing in Squamish.

Summer at Aerial Kiteboarding Squamish

The summer is the best time to visit Squamish for kiteboarding and for almost every other outdoor activity you can think of! The season will start in early April and sometimes even late March and will go until late September-early October. We run lessons everyday that there’s wind regardless of what time of year it is. The Aerial Kiteboarding- Squamish Watersports shop is open from April-October offering gear sales, repairs, rentals, lessons and upwind drops. We also have a trailer located at the Spit which is fully equip with gear for rentals and lessons as well- the trailer is present for the SWS season from May 15th-September 15th.

Spring and Fall at Aerial Kiteboarding Squamish

The SWS (Squamish Windsports Society) opens May 15th and closes September 15th meaning before and after these dates the carpets are rolled up and the rescue service is shut down. Going kiting before and after these times can be risky and nerve wracking for some as there is nobody keeping an eye on you in the cold waters. We offer an upwind drop service where we will take you upwind and set you up on a boat. We will drop you in the water and pick you up at the end of your session (the boat will be out on the water for the duration of your session). No worrying about the wind dying or needing a rescue- we are there to help! MUST BE AN INDEPENDENT RIDER TO QUALIFY FOR AN UPWIND DROP

Spring and fall are the perfect time for early morning downwinders. The strong northern winds offer amazing downwinders. Check the wind and contact us if you are interested in early morning downwinders!

Winter at Aerial Kiteboarding Squamish

We offer trips and kite camps abroad with our instructors who travel in the winter. Destinations vary and will be decided in November before the trip- see our Kite Camps page for details.