Aerial Kiteboarding is one of the only Whistler kiteboarding schools.

Located just 45 mins south of Whistler, in Squamish, BC, Aerial Kiteboarding offers kiteboarding lessons in the Howe Sound over the summer months. During winter, snow kite lessons are offered on Green Lake, Whistler.

Lessons are offered everyday of the week as long as there is wind. Snow kite lessons are dependant on the temperature as the lake needs to be frozen in order to kite.

The best winds for kiteboarding in the Howe Sound come during the summer months starting as early as April, all the way until the end of September. On sunny days, a temperature difference between Vancouver, Whistler and even hotter temperatures in the North creates a steady thermal wind that blows strong almost everyday.

The best winds for snow kiting comes in January until early March. The wind works on the opposite principle of Squamish summer, when the sun is shining the cold air is pulled from Pemberton (North) through Whistler as it warms closer to the coast. The outflow is kiteable in Whistler during this time. Less wind is required for snow kiting than kiteboarding in the water.

You will find Whistler kiteboarding schools, including Aerial Kiteboarding, teaching at Green Lake during sunny winter days and out in the Howe Sound during the summer months.

There are open areas above the three line that are also kiteable but are not easily accessible without a snowmobile or helicopter. Finding an experienced local is the best way to explore these spots.