The Squamish Watersports/Aerial Kiteboarding shop is located at 37812 Second Ave in downtown Squamish. All lessons will begin and end at the shop location unless otherwise organized with your kitesurf instructor (see below- Meeting at the Spit). When you arrive you will sign a waiver and meet your kitesurf instructor. You will then get suited in all the necessary gear and head down to the boat launch. The boat launch is only 100m down the road, here you will jump in the boat and head out into the sound for your lesson.


Beginner lessons don’t generally go from the spit as it can get quite crowded and intimidating for beginners. Once you are almost independent and confidently riding upwind, it is recommended to take a lesson from the spit. Your kitesurf instructor will meet you at our white trailer and will walk you through the rules of the spit as well as going over launching, landing as well as exiting and entering the water safely. This is a good chance to go over all the hazards and obstacles and how to avoid them.

***You must contact us to organize that your kitesurf instructor meets you at the spit. The $20 spit fee or year membership will apply.