Choosing where to learn kitesurfing is an important decision to make. Different locations have different benefits and offer many different opportunities. Some things to consider before choosing a location include:

Wind: What is the wind strength? What time of year is best?

Temperature: Is it warm? Cold? Do I need a wetsuit? What thickness?

Kitesurfing school: Is there a school? Do they have qualified instructors?

Price: How much are lessons? Do I want to learn close to home? Or go on a kitesurfing holiday? How much am I willing to spend?

Other Activities: Is there anything else to do in down time?

All of these factors are important when deciding where to learn kitesurfing.

Squamish, British Columbia is one of the best locations in Canada and also in the world to learn and to ride. Thermal winds kick in over the summer months starting in April and running all the way until November. Winds are strong, consistent and regularly around and above 20 knots.

Wetsuits are needed all year. 7mm are used at the beginning and end of season. As the water warms up during mid summer 5mm wetsuits are used.

Aerial Kiteboarding employ some of the most highly qualified instructors in the world who continue to adapt and develop their teaching methods in order to provide the most fun, progressive and safe lessons to our students. We offer group, private and semi-private lessons to cater to all learning types. Check out our lesson options here.

Squamish in an ideal outdoor sports and adventure destination. Other than kiteboarding, Aerial Kiteboarding also offers wakeboarding (including water skiing and tubing), SUP and boat tours through the Howe Sound. Apart from water sports there is so many other activities to do including hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, sight seeing up the Sea to Sky Gondola, white water rafting along with camping and exploring the shops and markets in downtown Squamish.

Choosing where to learn kitesurfing is an easy decision. With the amazing consistent winds, top notch instructors and beautiful views, Squamish is the place to be!