There is a large kiteboarding community in Toronto and the surrounding area. Being surrounded by lakes is advantageous to Torontonians as kiters are able to choose different locations for different skills levels as well as different wind directions.

Toronto kiteboarding locations include: Toronto, Lake Simcoe, North and South Oliphant, Lagoon City, 9th Concession, Holmes Point Park, Innisfil Secret Spot, Keswick- Cooks Bay Park, Wasaga Beach, Sauble Beach and more!

There are a few Toronto kiteboarding schools offering lessons at different locations in and around the city depending on the the wind direction and strength:

Toronto Kite Club
iKite Canada
PB Kiteboarding

iKite Canada not only offers kiteboarding lessons but have also opened iKite Club. iKite Club membership club that allows kiters to join and welcomes new kiters into the Toronto Kiteboarding community. This is an awesome way to get to know other kiters in the area and travel and kite with other members. It is especially useful for beginners to ride with more experienced kiters and get to know the local spots and wind directions.

iKite Club often organises world wide kite travel as well as local events which are discounted to members.

Get involved in the Toronto Kiteboarding community!