Squamish Watersports is your one stop kiteboard shop located in downtown Squamish. The shop is fully stocked with the newest kiteboarding gear as well as closeout and consignment gear for those on a budget. Shop for kites, boards, bars, harnesses, leashes, wetsuits, apparel and more!


Did your gear get damaged or broken on the water? No problem! Bring in your damaged gear to the kiteboard shop and borrow gear from us until your gear is repaired. Repairs include: canopy rips, bladder repair and replacement, line checks, line repairs and replacements, replacement parts and more.

Gear Rentals

Are you travelling from far away and don’t want to carry all your gear? Or did you forget something at home? No problem! No need to drive all the way back to Vancouver, rent a full gear package or individual items from the downtown kiteboard shop.

Cold Water Gear

The water in Squamish is COLD! There are some amazing water activities to enjoy in Squamish including paddle boarding, kayaking, canyoning, kiteboarding, wakeboarding and jet skiing. All of these amazing activities require a thick wetsuit. Wetsuits are available for daily rentals or purchase.

Hot Tub and Hot Showers

No matter if you were kiteboarding, wakeboarding, SUPing or canyoning, the water is cold! Enjoy hot showers and a complimentary hot tub at the kiteboard shop after your time in the cold Howe Sound water.

For all your kiteboarding and cold water gear needs, visit Squamish Watersports Kiteboard Shop located in downtown Squamish at 37813 Second Ave. To view our current sales and stock visit: www.canadakiteshop.com.