Setting up a kite can be simple if you know what you’re doing otherwise can be very tricky, it all starts with pumping up the kite. When pumping the kite up check for the direction of the wind, once the direction is known place the kite on the ground leading edge into the wind. Begin toclose the deflate valve, put the pump in the inflate attach the leash start pumping.

Once the kite is inflated set it on the ground, using the proper holding techniques to place it down. Never slam the kite onto the ground always be gentle when handling kites.

Now that the kite is pumped let’s talk about the bar and lines, the bar and lines is one of the more important parts of the kite set up because if it’s not perfectly done you can seriously
injure yourself. That being said always walk the lines out, depending on how many lines need to be attached to the kite 5 lines or 4 there is different techniques to walking lines.
lets use the 4 line method so with 4 lines start were your kite is undo the lines place the line ends also known as pigtails on the ground inside the kite and start walking. Walk your lines
if you can sideways to the wind or 90 degrees being it is the spot you launch your kite, and its safer.

Once your lines are totally unwrapped you place your bar on the ground corresponding to the kite now you can start untangling or (walking your lines) you always untangle your lines every time you go kite boarding. Start with standing inside your lines so the steering lines are at the outside of your feet and the center lines are in the middle. Pick the lines up and start walking to the kite. Never get these lines crossed keep the steering lines on the outside, and the center lines on the inside.

Once at the kite untangle the mess that is usually there, and begin to attach the lines one by one. Do not cross these lines its very important for everyone’s safety to attach each line as its
supposed to be. Red goes to the red center goes to the center and blue goes to blue. Never mix that up or serious injury can occur. Now that your kite is set up its time to get a launch and go kiteboarding!

That is easier said than done so if not too sure on how to launch its time to read a launching article.