RRD is an Italian brand that has been big in Europe since the beginning of kitesurfing but we haven’t seen much of it here in North America. RRD stand for Roberto Ricci Designs, named after their founder and head of the company. They originally started as a windsurfing brand in the 80’s with Roberto shaping boards while travelling the pro windsurf circuit. After moving to Hawaii Roberto met some of the pioneers of kitesurfing and shaped some of the worlds first kite specific boards in 1997, after the first Wipika kites became available to the public.

RRD produces a full range of kites and boards from their strutless emotion kite to their full on C kite, the obsession pro with everything in between including their bestselling obsession and religion models.

RRD is a major brand overseas but we haven’t seen too many of there kites flying at the spit . With their distributor network expanding in western Canada we will be bringing their products into our retail shop here at aerial for 2017.

check out the RRD year 22 kite and board lineups here:


We are super stoked for this opportunity to be a part of bringing one of kiteboarding’s original brands into a new market.


Stop by our downtown Squamish location to check out the 2017 RRD collection in person.


read more about the beginnings of RRD here:

The Roberto Ricci Interview