“Dan wants his students to succeed, not so they’ll come back for more lessons”

“Kiteboarding instruction is highly subjective to weather conditions, instructors, equipment etc. My experience with Aerial was quite good compared to the two other schools I tried. Their equipment is a solid Canadian product: Ocean Rodeo from Victoria BC. Their boats are the best in Squamish for this purpose and their price point beats all other schools I’ve encounter in Canada and Mexico. I should be clear that the day I took a two hour solo lesson with Dan, the wind was adequate, the sun was shinning and I was able to use my own equipment. I found Dan to be very insightful and able to get the right tips to me at the right time. I can without a doubt say that with Dan’s instruction I was finally able to cross over onto the enjoyment side of kiteboarding, but as I say, these types of experiences are highly subjective. I can honestly say that Dan wants his students to succeed, not so they’ll come back for more lessons, but because he feels good being a part of introducing one into such an amazing sport. Although I’ve had a total of 6 hours of lessons spread evenly across 3 schools, and I’ve now spent many hours on my own building basic skills, I will be going back to Dan for additional intermediate level lessons. Dan is always looking out for his ex students on the water and giving valuable tips for free whenever the opportunity arises. Will I repeat? Yes, as necessary.”

Greg T.     10/20/2012


“great instruction, amazing experience, good value”

“I’m a 14 year old kid from Alaska who had never kite boarded in my life and just wanted to try it out. I went for one lesson and ended up doing 4 days worth of lessons. Dan (owner and my instructor) was extremely knowledgeable and patient. He was more excited about me doing kiteboarding than I was. His enthusiasm was infectious. By the end i was up and riding back and forth surrounded by the tree covered mountains of squamish. All the equipment was well cared for and top of the line. I never felt uncomfortable or that i was in a dangerous situation. Its definitely well worth the money. DONT MISS OUT ON THIS GREAT EXPERIENCE! I look forward to next summer when i can try this exhilarating sport again. I even bought my own set of kites.”

NorthernLights60826   28 January 2013


“Aerial Kiteboarding is the school to use in Squamish”

“Aerial Kiteboarding is the school to use in Squamish. If you’ve ever tried Kiteboarding without instruction, and are still interested in trying, you will see the difference after only a few short sessions with these guys. Advanced rider? Dan, the main guy at Aerial has competed on a national level and has turned some heads while landing on the podium. I believe they may actually have had to invent a new trick cause of this guy. If what you want is to start, improve, or advance your Kiteboarding skills, these guys can scale their lessons for your skill and are serious about safety. With just 3 quick snow lessons, and 1 1 hour water lesson, I was able to go up wind and they even helped me out with some great gear at an amazing price. Mel will answer your questions. Dan and Zach will get you on the boards! If you want to try this sport, this is the place, and these are the people.”

Mike K.    1/14/2014


“AWESOME instructions from confident experienced instructors”

“Tried this company thru a Groupon. We went to the spit on time and were suited with gear quickly, We both have snowboard and water sport experience but as we quickly found that is a limited advantage, The kite can be intimidating as Aerial Kiteboard eased us into the basic flying skills and nailed home safety,we felt confident to hit the water .We were out in the spit away from regulars with a young experienced instructor.In 1.5 hours he had us taking ourselves up wind both directions and popping out of the water ( no Board) At the end of the second lesson we were having success with the board on our feet across the water, AWESOME instructions from confident experienced instructors, Third lesson brought longer runs across the water and starting up towards the weak side.This is a sport that requires experienced instruction Aerial Kiteboarding offers that. We went on 4 lessons with 4 different instructors, all of them advanced us up the learning curve. ,Great company. Since the sport is wind based you need to be able to communicate with people on the spit to make sure the wind is still blowing, Aerial offers communication with quick response to advise on the weather.We have committed to making this one of our things I can do with my 24 year old son, Thank you Dan, Melanie, Glen & Brad”

Glen L.    9/17/2013


“A Great Place to learn Kiteboarding”

“We have been clients of Daniel and his crew for over a year. Friendly and knowledgeable. They have all the equipment for kiters from beginners to expert. Lots of fun and a great way to learn a great sport.”

Jim R.    31 May 2013


“Aerial Kiteboarding – Awesome, learn here!!!”

“Hi there, I did a destination experience with Dan and Zac at Aerial kiteboarding. I was a complete kite board “novice” and Dan and Zac’s relaxed and excellent instructional technique enabled me to progress to riding upwind and gaining my IKO level 2 in the time I had avaliable. Dan could not help me enough and really cares about the sport and helping people get into the sport. He gave as much advice as I wanted and was very relaxed with his time and costings which mean’t I was able to practise between using instructional times. Also Dan is a senior IKO instructor, with his methoical and way of reducing complex information for learning you can be assured you will be progressing faster than with other instructors. Also with the radio communiation to provide you with tips when you are out on the water you avoid the shouting and signs that can be confusing sometimes. I highly recommend them both and even if you are not from near Aerial’s base in Squamish get in touch and see if there is anything Dan and his team can help you with. I live in the UK and met the team purely by chance. I don’t normally write reviews but have been so impressed I would like people to know my feelings. Thank you Dan Zac and Mel”

Duncan Jackson    23 February 2014

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