the ocean rodeo stick shift bar has been making headlines in the kiteboarding media. Instead of relying on cumbersome above or below the bar trim systems that affect the length of the front lines to change the angle of attack on the kite it trims the length of the back lines through an integrated winding system that changes the back line length through a winding system located on the the right side of the control bar

This allows users to change the trim of the kite without removing their hand from the control bar, making reaching for a trim strap in overpowered conditions a thing of the past!

this is a huge advancement in kite safety, especially for smaller riders with shorter arms for whom this reach to an above the bar trim system could prove to be impossible, especially when overpowered.

an advantage of the ocean rodeo system over its competitors is that the backlines are spring loaded so that they do not need tension to extend and de-power the kite which is great in light wind or no wind situations.