Learning kiteboarding as an amazing experience. Though it is definitely a challenge, kiteboarding is an extremely rewarding sport to learn. Gliding across the water harnessed only by the wind is a peaceful sort of freedom.

When learning kiteboarding it is important to learn from a professional instructor. Your instructor will guide you through the steps to becoming an independent rider, from your first flight, to your first ride all the way to your first jump. As the kite can harness enough power to lift you up and fly you through the air it can be extremely dangerous to try learning on your own. It is important to have proper instruction on launching, landing, as well as your safety systems before going out alone.

At Aerial Kiteboarding, our highly trained instructors continue to adapt and develop their teaching methods in order to provide the most safe, progressive and fun lessons for our students. When learning kiteboarding we believe that riding the board is a top priority. We will quickly go over all the safety systems, but skills such as up-wind body dragging or launching and landing as well as theory lessons can all be left until kite control and riding skills are achieved.

We know our teaching methods maximize fun and progression. We get our students riding the quickest way possible and continue to guide them through the steps to becoming independent riders. In general it takes a minimum of 6 hours (this would be an extremely fast learner) to become independent. The average being around 10-12 hours.

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