If you want to learn to kite board, taking lessons is an essential first step. Though it is possible to quickly progress into an independent rider, learning the first steps through a professional instructor is absolutely necessary.

As a kite is able to harness enough power through the wind to pick you up and fly you through the air, it is important to be in complete control at all times. Your first time feeling the power of the kite can be quite scary which is why here at Aerial Kiteboarding we take the necessary steps to ensure our students are completely comfortable.

Here in Squamish we teach from boats, this is one of the safest and also the most progressive methods of teaching. To begin, the kite is attached to the boat, this way if any mistakes are made by the student, all the power from the kite is pulled through the boat and has no physical effect on the student them self.  This allows the student to safety and confidently learn to fly the kite and explore the different power zones without being pulled around by the kite.

Once you are fully confident flying the kite it is time to hit the water. The kite will then be attached to you where you will get in the water and practice body dragging and power strokes. You will then be ready for the board.

Everybody learns differently which is why it takes each person a different amount of time to learn to kite board. Our private lessons give you one-on-one time with your instructor to maximize water time and therefore progression is quicker. We also offer semi-private lessons which are also extremely beneficial as when you are off the water you are able to sit with your instructor and listen while he instructs the student on the water. He will chat with you can explain how the other student can improve which in turn helps your own riding when you hit the water.