Want to learn kitesurfing? Aerial Kiteboarding has got you covered.

Squamish, BC is one of the best places to not only learn kitesurfing but also ride and progress your skills. With constant and consistent winds all summer (mid April-October), it is an amazing destination for beginners and advanced riders alike.

If you are looking to learn kitesurfing, there are many reasons why you should choose Aerial Kiteboarding.

We employ some of the most highly qualified instructors in the world who have adapted their teaching methods from years of training and experience to ensure they are providing students with the most progressive, safe and fun lessons possible.

We use top of the line gear for our lessons, always carrying spare gear to avoid delays in a case where gear is damaged during a lesson. We are also the only kiteboarding shop in Squamish allowing us to offer amazing prices on gear for our students.

On top of that we have our own private launch at the Squamish Yacht Club relieving our students of the $25 fee that is charged for using the spit.

To learn kitesurfing at Aerial Kiteboarding, contact us at any time as we have full time administrative staff available by phone (1-855-5MY-KITE (569-5483)), email (info@aerialkiteboarding.com) or in person at our shop to answer any questions you may have.