Squamish, British Columbia is one of the best places in the world to learn kiteboarding.

The summer sun brings the thermal winds beginning as early as March and lasting as late as October. The most consistent wind months are June-September when the weather is hot and sunny. Aerial Kiteboarding school offers lessons everyday that there is wind for those wanting to learn kiteboarding.

Our school offers a 4 hour kiteboarding crash course which is the very best introduction to the sport. This course includes a 1 hour video, which can be watch as many times as necessary in order to understand the concepts covered and three hours of water time in a group of 3-4 people. Each student will get multiple tries flying the kite as well as opportunity to watch and learn from the other students in the course. This course is designed to fast track students through the progression as quick as possible and potentially get up on the board on the first day!

Learning from a boat is the best and safest way to learn kiteboarding. Our instructors have spent time adapting and developing their teaching methods in order to provide to most safe, fun and progressive lessons for their students. For complete beginners, attaching the kite directly to the boat prevents the student from being pulled by the kite if any mistakes are made. Learning from a boat allows students to progress to riding much faster than learning from the land as many beach related skills necessary for flying on land are not needed. For example it is not necessary to learn upwind body dragging (to retrieve a lost board) as the instructor can quickly and efficiently retrieve the board while the student is learning.

As students advance through the progression they will slowly be introduced to the skills necessary in becoming independent. These skills include launching and landing, self rescue, upwind body dragging as well as upwind riding.

On average it takes about 8-14 hours of private lessons to learn kiteboarding and become an independent rider. Especially when riding in Squamish, it is important to be fully independent before going out alone. Upwind riding is essential in Squamish as there is no beach to land or to walk back up wind, though there is a rescue service if riders do end up downwind for any reason.