With strong, consistent thermal winds through the summer months, Squamish is one of the best places in the to world to learn how to kitesurf. The mountains create a venturi effect, accelerating the wind as it reaches the Squamish spit.



The wind is best over the summer months starting in April- September when the weather is sunny and hot. The wind ranges from 20-30 knots. The water is cold, sitting around 8 degrees Celsius- a wetsuit is compulsory (5mm recommended). The air temperature is usually 19-27 degrees over the summer.



The Squamish Spit is the main launching area in Squamish. The area is small and the wind blows offshore meaning that in order to ride from there you must be able to ride upwind, self rescue, retrieve a lost board and be confident with launching and landing your kite. As a beginner the spit can be quite intimidating and is an unsafe area for learning. Beginner kiteboarders must take lessons.



All lessons in Squamish are taught from boats allowing students to learn far away from the crowded spit. Students will begin to learn how to kitesurf with the kite attached into the boat until they feel comfortable flying the kite. Once they have good control they will go in the water and continue the progression to riding. Once students have mastered all the independent skills such as riding upwind, upwind body dragging to retrieve a lost board, launching and landing and self rescue in the water, they are then ready to ride from the spit. It is recommended to take a lesson from the spit to get oriented and learn the rules, about the tides and river as well as about the different hazards in the water.

Come out to Squamish and learn how to kitesurf!