The UK has some spectacular beaches and a thriving kitesurfing scene, which has produced many professional riders such as Aaron Hadlow, Lewis Cranthern, Sam Light and Hannah Whitely. While you do not have to be a professional kitesurfer to enjoy the UK kitesurf scene, you do need to be determined, time-flexible and a bit hardy. There will not be much kitesurfing in board shorts or bikinis.

The main wind direction for the UK is southwesterly, but we do see winds from all directions. The good thing about the UK though is that as it is a small island it can be rather easy to reach a beach to kitesurf on in nearly all wind directions. This is especially true for the Cornwall and Devon area where there are beaches on the north and south of the peninsular allowing for kitesurfing in any wind direction.

The UK allows for all kinds of kitesurfing, with beaches that provide great waves for wave riding as well as low tides that provide some excellent flat-water lagoons for the more freestyle oriented kitesurfer.