Aerial Kiteboarding is a kitesurfing school located in Squamish, British Columbia.

Our highly qualified and experienced instructors are always adapting and modifying their teaching methods in order to give our students the best experience possible. Here in Squamish we teach our lessons from boats out in the Howe Sound where the views and wind quality will blow your mind.

To ensure safety, confidence and success our students learn to fly the kite while it is attached to the boat. This way the power of the kite is pulled through the boat and not directly through the student. This allows the student to explore the power zone without being pulled around. Once the student is comfortable and confident with the power of the kite, they are then hooked in directly and sent into the water to learn the next steps.

Our students progress through the body dragging phase and move quickly onto the board. In just a few lessons our students are up and riding. Though riding is a major part of kitesurfing, there are many other aspects to learn before becoming completely independent. A rider is considered independent once they can ride upwind consistently, preform a self rescue, launch and land their kite and have the knowledge to avoid and get themselves out of tricky situations.

It is best to attend a kitesurfing school until you are fully independent and are fully confident in every situation.

Our kitesurfing school is not only for beginners. For the 2016 season we have pro rider for Best Kiteboarding, Sam Medysky joining our team. Along side our owner, Dan, also a sponsored rider for Best, Sam will be teaching advanced lessons. These guys are eager to train and are sure to push your riding to the next level.

Aerial Kiteboarding is not only a kitesurfing school. We also offer boat tours, SUP tours, rentals as well as wakeboarding which includes water skiing and tubing.