Sometimes it happens….that you forget something on your way to your favourite kitespot! Or you need to pack up sooner because of a leaking kite..Luckily we have kitesurfing rentals available in our shop. For a cheap price you can rent a complete gear set or individual kitesurfing equipment. Just come to our location downtown or the trailer at the Spit!

We do have some requirements for our kitesurfing rentals. You would need to be able pass a Kiteboarding proficiency test and demonstrate safe and self-sufficient skills required for Kiteboarding or present a valid IKO or PASA certification card proving that you are at IKO level 3K or higher in order to rent any gear. This requirement is for the safety of yourself as well as the safety of others on the water.

Kitesurfing rentals are also available to our customers who have their gear in repair
. We have quality rentals available to accommodate for everyone wanting to get out on the water!