Purchasing a kitesurfing practice kite is a great introduction to kite flying. Trainer kites are generally two lines kites between 1m and 2m. One of the two lines acts as a safety line with a leash attachment which is strapped to the flyers arm. The leash is in place in case the flyer lets go of the bar for any reason. In the case that the bar is released the kite will be fully de-powered and fall to the ground while still being attached by the arm strap.

A kitesurfing practice kite is great for many reasons. A beginner is able to learn all the aspects of flying without the risk of being pulled or dragged because trainers kites are so small they don’t have much power.

Before being introduced to a powerful inflatable 4 or 5 line kite, it is highly beneficial to learn all the necessary skills on a kitesurfing practice kite. Students can explore the wind window including the edge of the window as well as the power zone. Launching, landing as well as the power stroke can all be practised on a trainer kite. This allows beginners to learn where the most and least amount of power is created in the wind window.

Once students have mastered the trainer kite, they will then progress to a proper 4 or 5 line inflatable kite which holds significantly more power. Since students already have a good understanding of the wind window and power zone, their skills with integrate seamlessly with the larger kite. Having practised with a trainer kite first, students will learn and progress much quicker once they move on to a larger kite. The more time spent on a kitesurfing practice kite, the higher their skill level and the quicker the progression to riding.

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