As kitesurfing, also known as Kiteboarding, is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, the search for the perfect location and instructor has become essential to one’s progression.

Do I need to take kite surfing lessons?

Kitesurfing lessons are an essential component of becoming an independent kitesurfer. As there are many safety features and techniques that are essential to staying safe and being a respectful kitesurfer on the water, it is important to get the guidance of a certified and experienced kitesurfing instructor to ensure you learn all the best techniques and skills required for a fast and safe progression.

Kitesurfing can be extremely exhilarating and freeing. As all kiters depend on the power of mother nature’s wind to ride along the water, comfortability with your equipment in various situations is the key to being a successful and confident kiter.

Like many other things, kitesurfing looks very simply from afar and can even be very easy to learn in ideal weather conditions, however weather is anything but predictable. In order to be a true independent and confident kiter, you must be able to handle yourself and your equipment in a variety of situations and wind conditions.

Throughout your kitesurfing lessons, instructors will show you the ins and outs of your equipment and various techniques for each skill required in your progression in order to help you become confident and comfortable in all situations. 

Water craft Assisted vs Beach Lessons

In kitesurfing, there are two main lesson formats. Lessons can be provided from a beach or be watercraft assisted. While having beach or land experience is important, the obstacles on land provide a greater risk and challenge to learning. In addition, when learning from the beach, valuable water time is often lost while having to walk back upwind with your kite in order to stay in a safe learning area.

Water craft assisted lessons ensure that you are exploring and developing your kitesurfing skills in a large open area, far away from any dangers. Throughout this type of lesson, a boat follows you along the water giving you key information exactly when it is needed. This ensures a fast track progression in a safe environment and allows students to flourish much faster than a beach lesson environment.

Learning with consistent wind conditions is also a very important factor in choosing the location of your lessons. A few well known places for consistent winds are Brazil, Egypt, Greece, Philippines, Turks & Cacaos, Australia, Hatteras, North Carolina and Squamish B.C.

Learning With Aerial Kiteboarding

When looking for a school, a few important things to consider are the experience of the instructors, quality of the school gear, preparedness of the staff and the all around school atmosphere. Kiteboarding can be extremely fun and invigorating, finding the right location and school fit will help you feel energized and satisfied throughout your progression.

In Squamish, Aerial Kiteboarding takes advantage of the extremely consistent thermal winds apparent in the Howe Sound to provide top notch instruction with the assistance of a water vessel. Certified and experienced instructors provide individualized and adapted instruction.

Each lesson is tailored to your learning style and specific needs leaving you satisfied with your progress. In additional, each boat heads out on the water with the best and most reliable gear along with a spare set of equipment to ensure success and constant progression throughout the lesson.