There are many great progression videos and beginner kitesurfing lessons online. Watching videos is a great way to learn new tricks and progress your riding as well as grasp a better understanding of theory and kite flying.

Though there are many great kitesurfing lessons online, these videos are NOT A SUBSTITUTE for live lessons with a properly qualified instructor.

The information given through kitesurfing lessons online is usually very informative and accurate and will help further your understanding of kite theory. Having the physical kite in your hand though, is a completely new experience that needs to be supervised and taught by a professional.

Kites are very powerful and have the ability to pick you up and fly you through the air which makes attempting to fly alone your very first time extremely dangerous. It is essential to not only watch the beginner progression videos but also take lessons with a professional instructor who will guide you through the steps to becoming an independent rider.

At Aerial Kiteboarding our instructors are constantly adapting and developing their teaching methods in order to provide the most progressive, safe and fun lessons for our students. We also provide an introductory video with selected programs that can be watched as many times as necessary to understand the information provided. This goes through all the level 1-3 IKO standards (from beginner to upwind riding), that will prepare you for your first lessons as well as more advanced lessons as you progress.