Kiteboarding lessons are an essential part of learning. At Aerial Kiteboarding we offer a variety of lessons types to suit every learning style. Our crash course is a great introduction to the sport. For this kitesurfing lesson, students are placed in groups of 3-4 people where they will be guided by their instructor through the steps to riding. This course is great for people who learn well by watching and listening. Each student will have many chances to fly the kite, though the kite is shared through the whole group. This allows students to learn from each others mistakes as they watch and listen to the corrections from the instructor.

For those who learn better by doing, we also offer private lessons. A private kitesurfing lesson will be done 1 on 1 (1 instructor and 1 student). This allows the students to maximise their kite time and spend more time doing than watching or listening. Each student will move forward at their own pace, this also allows the instructor to fully focus on their student and the skills that need to be worked on at that moment.

We also offer semi-private lessons (1 instructor, 2 students). This is a great option between the crash course and private lessons. It allows students to progress at their own pace as well as learn off of each other. This kitesurfing lesson type offers something for every learning style; each student will have a good amount of kite time as well as breaks on the boat where they are able to listen to the instructors advise and corrections while the other student is riding. Our instructors are all highly qualified and have many years experience teaching, therefore they are able to help each student progress at their own pace in the same lesson. This lesson type is most beneficial when both students are around the same level.

No matter which type you choose, your kitesurfing lesson will begin at our shop located in downtown Squamish. Here you will be greeted by our friendly administration staff. They are there to help answer any questions you have as well as have you suited and ready for your lesson.

Once you are suited, you will be greeted by your instructor. Together you will walk down to the boat launch (just 200m down the road) when you will get in one of our boats and your kitesurfing lesson will begin.

To avoid the chaos and stress of the busy Spit launch, our instructors will take you way out into the sound away from any other kiters where you can learn all the necessary skills worry free. Your kitesurfing lesson will finish back at the shop where you can de-suit at your own pace and enjoy a hot shower after spending hours in the cold water! We provide complimentary coffee or tea for all of our students.