Beginning your career as a kitesurfer can be a scary and exciting experience. Being strapped to a kite powered by the wind may seem crazy to some but with the proper instruction, kiteboarding is a safe and fun sport for everybody to enjoy.

At Aerial Kiteboarding, beginners are our speciality.

With our highly trained and qualified instructors kitesurfing for beginners is something we take great pride in. We have adapted out teaching methods in order to provide the more progressive, safe and fun learning environment possible.

Here in Squamish we teach all of our lessons from boats, not from the beach. To completely eliminate the fear and the danger that comes along with the power of the kite, the kite is attached to the boat while the student learns control. As a result if any mistakes are made, the power of the kite is pulled through the boat and there is no consequence on the learner.

Once the learner has learned to control the kite it is then attached the the student them self where they will continue the progression in the water. Again, being in the water away from any obstacles or people is extremely low risk even if any mistakes are made.

Kite surfing for beginners is an amazing experience as you learn to harness the wind like never before.

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