At Aerial Kiteboarding we offer a variety of kitesurfing courses including an introductory crash course as well as private and semi-private lessons.

Crash Course

Our crash course is a 4 hour course which includes a 1 hour introductory video. This video goes through all the IKO level 1-3 points and it is recommended to students to watch it as many times as necessary to understand the concepts before coming out on a lesson. The remaining three hours will be done on the water in a group of 3 to 4 people. This course is done in a classroom-like setting where each student will get a chance to fly the kite and fast track through the progression to riding.

This kitesurfing course is designed as an introduction to the sport and students will not be independent riders by the end of the four hours. It is essential to take private or semi-private lessons in order to become independent.

Private Lessons

Private lessons include one on one instruction. One student, one boat, one kite and one instructor. These lessons are geared towards students more dedicated to the sport. They will not only learn the skills to ride the board but they will be guided through the steps to becoming independent riders. Skills necessary to becoming independent include upwind body dragging (to recover a lost board), self rescue in deep water, launching and landing, water re-launch as well as upwind riding.

One-on-one lessons allow for individualized instruction as well as maximized kite time, in turn maximizing progression. Private lessons allow the instructor to cater the lesson directly to the student, moving at the learners pace.

Semi-private Lessons

Semi-private lessons are also a great option. Each student will be given individualized instruction, they will not only be learning when they have the kite in their hands, but also be able to learn from the other student when they are in the boat. This option allows for more breaks and caters to different learning styles. Semi-private lessons work best when both students are at the same level.

Our different kitesurfing courses are catered to all learning types and styles as well as interest levels. Our crash course is a great introduction to the sport for those who would like to just give the sport a try, where as our private lessons are geared towards people who are dedicated to learning. All of our courses are fun, safe and progressive as we have some of the most highly qualified instructors in the world.