If you are interested in learning kiteboarding, here at Aerial Kiteboarding we have a kitesurfing course for everyone!

Our four hour kitesurfing course (crash course), is designed as an introduction for first time kiteboarders. Students will go out on the water in groups of 3-4 people with an instructor where they will fast track through the progression to riding. This course includes a 1 hour hour video and three hours of water time. The video can be watched as many times as necessary in order to understand the concepts discussed. The better understanding before the lesson, the quicker students will progress on the water.

During the three hours on the water, students will rotate turns flying the kite. This course is beneficial as students are able to watch each other and learn as the instructor guides the participating student through the progression. When it comes to the final students turn they have already learned from the other students mistakes and are able to make quick corrections maximising progression.

Private lessons are also offered at our school. This kitesurfing course includes a private instructor, kite and boat. This ensures maximum progression as the lesson is fully catered to the individual and the student is able to move forward at their own pace. Participating in private lessons are the best way to progress quickly.

Semi-private courses are also available. This course is great for people who tire easily or learn well by watching. Students are able to learn from each other while still getting plenty of time flying the kite. These lessons are much more individualised than the crash course. Our highly trained instructors are able to work with each student to help them move forward at their own pace.  This kitesurfing course is best when both students are at a similar level but it is not 100% necessary.

Not only do we offer courses for beginners, we also offer advanced lessons for those already riding. Pro rider Sam Medysky a long with Dan Grains, owner and sponsored rider by Best Kiteboarding will be offering advanced clinics for students interested in taking their riding to a new level.