Aerial Kiteboarding is located in down town Squamish, British Columbia. With some of the most highly qualified instructors in the world, strong consistent winds and an amazing location, our kitesurf school is one of the best in the world.

Through years of experience and adaptation we have developed and continue to improve our teaching methods in order to provide our students with the safest, most enjoyable and progressive lessons possible.

We provide a variety of lessons formats through our kitesurf school in order to accommodate all learning styles and comfort levels. First of all we offer private and semi-private lessons to ensure quick progression and one on one instructor time. We also offer a 4 hour crash course which involves up to five students. Some people prefer this group setting as they feel more comfortable watching and learning from others before trying themselves. This is a great and affordable introduction to kitesurfing.

Different from other schools around the world, we teach from boats. This is beneficial in many ways especially for beginners. Before hooking the student directly to the kite, we we start by hooking the kite to the boat. This allows the student to learn kite control and explore the power zone. During this time all the power of the kite is transferred to the boat so the student is at no risk of being pulled if any mistakes are made.

Once the student is fully comfortable and confident they are then attached directly to the kite and the remainder of the progression is done in the water.

Not only are we a kitesurf school but we also offer wakeboarding, water skiing, tubing, stand up paddle boarding and boat tours.

Kitesurfing lessons are run everyday April-October (weather depending) but our main season begins May 1st.