In order to learn kiteboarding it is essential to take lessons from a professional instructor.

On average, it takes people around 8-14 hours of private instruction in order to become independent riders. At Aerial Kiteboarding our instructors are able to plan the lesson according to each students needs which allows the students to progress at their own pace.

Your kitesurf lesson will begin at our shop in downtown Squamish, here you will be set up with all the cold water gear you need for your time on the water. You will be greeted by your instructor at the shop, then together you will walk 200m to the boat launch where you will jump in one of our zodiacs and head out on the water for the lesson.

The minimum time for a kitesurf lesson is 2 hours. This ensures that you have adequate time on the water to learn and progress. There recommended duration of a private kitesurf lesson is 3 hours. As a beginner kiteboarding can be quite tiring both mentally and physically, it is best to finish before exhaustion hits and trying to progress while being tired becomes difficult and frustrating.

Lessons will take place way out in the Howe Sound away from other kiteboarders. Our instructors are very experienced and are able to find the best winds in the sound based on your ability level. Because of the way the mountains sit, on any given day there are spots with lighter and stronger winds.

At the end of each kitesurf lesson every student will practice a self rescue, which is an essential skill that every kiteboarder must know in case of an emergency.