Choosing your kitesurfing equipment can be challenging to do. There is a bit of equipment involved in kiteboarding and quit a few different brands on the market.

Kitesurf equipment involves building up your quiver of kites. Usually kiters will choose 3 kites to cover for the windrange in their area. When you will pick your kites you need to think about the wind in your kitespot and which sizes you would need for you to be able to go out in most wind conditions. Kitesize is depending on the wind and on your own weight. Most brands will have a wind range chart for their kites to help you choose the right kite for you.

Windchart for Ocean Rodeo Razor 7m

Another important kitesurf equipment part is your harness. Your harness is what you will ride in and is close to your body so it is crucial to choose the right harness. There are specific harnesses on the market for women which are not only different in color, but also in the design to fit the female body better. Women have wider hips, a narrower waist and shorter torso, so the women harness moulds more into this ‘hour glass’ shape. It provides better back support and reduces lower back pain.

Another important kitesurf equipment part is your board. Depending on how far you are in the sport and what style you want to go for, there are many different boards on the market. Choosing the right board size for you will also depend on your own weight and ofcourse the windrange you will kite in.

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