Are you interested in kiteboarding lessons Vancouver?

Aerial kiteboarding is located in Squamish, BC, just 45 minutes north of Vancouver. We offer kiteboarding lessons in the Howe Sound everyday that’s there is wind.

The summer months are the best months for kiting in Squamish. The wind generally picks up around 11am and blows until the sun goes down. Thermal winds are created as the sun heats up by a temperature gradient that is formed between Vancouver, Whistler and North. A venturi effect is created as the wind passes through the mountains increasing the wind speed. On sunny summer days, strong, stable winds are guaranteed in Squamish.

There are kite spots in Vancouver, though the wind is not as strong, consistent or reliable. This makes Squamish the ideal places for kiteboarding lessons Vancouver.

Aerial Kiteboarding is also offer snow kite lessons over the winter months. These lessons will take place at Green Lake, Whistler.

For inquiries please contact 778 989 5483 or email