Different from other destinations, it is our goal to get you up and riding during your first kiteboarding lesson. When learning from the beach, it generally takes around 3-6 hours of kite flying practice before riding the board.

Learning from the beach requires independence skills (such as walking comfortably and confidently on the beach, upwind body dragging as well as self rescue) in order to progress to board riding. Since we teach from boats in Squamish our instructors are able to stay close by as well as keep you out of any potential dangers. This makes it possible to skip the necessary independence skills until you are ready to ride on your own.

Every kiteboarding lesson begins at our shop in downtown Squamish, where you will be fitted with cold water gear as well as all the kiteboarding gear necessary for the lesson.

You will then be greeted by your instructor and walk 200m down the road to the Squamish boat launch, where you will jump in one of our boats and head out into the Howe Sound. All lessons begin far upwind of the Spit (the launching point for other kiteboarders). This ensures that students are well away from any other kiters and obstacles in the water.

During your kiteboarding lessons, your instructor will be close by giving you instructions, feedback and ensuring your safety the entire time.

Advanced lessons are also offered. Get a lift out with us or launch from the Spit and meet us out on the water.