Aerial Kiteboarding, located in Squamish, BC, Canada, offers some of the best kiteboarding instruction in the world.

Our highly trained instructors are always adapting and developing their teaching methods in order to provide the most progressive, safe and fun lessons to our students.

Different from other schools, we teach all of our lessons from boats. We take our students out into the middle of the Howe Sound, where there is unlimited space and strong winds eliminating any danger or fear caused by other riders.

During our students first experience with the kite, the kite is attached to the boat itself. This way all the power of the kite is projected through the boat and not directly through the student. If any mistakes are made by the student, there is no consequence.

We offer one on one kiteboarding instruction as well as semi-private lessons and a 4 hour crash course- introduction to kitesurfing.

Our crash course is the best introduction to kitesurfing out there. Group sizes are up to five making it a fun a social atmosphere. Each student will have a chance to progress through the steps as well as learn from the other students in the group. After completing the crash course, students will know whether kitesurfing is something they wish to continue, where the remainder of the progression will be done with a private instructor.

Taking lessons privately is important so that the lessons can be catered for the students needs directly instead of in a group setting. During these lessons our students learn all the necessary skills to become independent.

Our kiteboarding instruction is some of the best in the world and we love having new students out on the water!