Kiteboarding is a fun and exciting way to get outside, have fun and enjoy all that mother nature has to offer.

whats great about learning to kite is that unlike many other action sports, kiteboarding has a very steep learning curve and you can expect fun and thrills after just a couple days under the kite


we recommend here at aerial that all new students do some independent research ahead of time as well as watch our instructional video and ideally fly a trainer kite. While these steps aren’t necessary they will greatly speed up your progression and help you maximize your time on the board having a blast and soaring in the skies.

Despite some horror stories that may have come from the early days of the sport. Kiting is quite safe nowadays with all kites having a high level of design built into them that allow full release of the kite with minimal effort as well as most models of kite offering 99% de-power once you release the bar

Overall kiting is a great sport to get into if you want to experience what all the hype, send us an email at or call us at 778-989-5483 and we will get you out on the water with our amazing team of instructors!