If you are a kiteboarding beginner, Aerial Kiteboarding is the place to be. With our highly trained and certified instructors, along with great wind and bright blue waters, learning with us is a fairytale experience.

All of our lessons are taught off of boats, where we will drive you out into the middle of the Howe Sound away from other riders and land obstacles ensuring you the most safe and relaxing learning experience.

As a kiteboarding beginner, our instructors are there to guide you every step of the way. They will first teach you your safety systems and only the necessary skills you need to get up and riding as quickly as possible. Once riding we will slowly teach you the necessary steps to become an independent rider.

Certain skills (which are necessary to becoming an independent rider) include launching and landing, upwind body dragging as well as kite set up and pack down, aren’t necessary skills to have when there is an instructor around, this is why we get our students up and riding first then teach the necessary independence skills once the rider is ready.

Lessons run 7 days per week starting April 1st until October as long as there’s wind.