Kiteboarding is one of the greatest travel adventure sports of all time. Once you have learned to kiteboard and become independent, the sport will take you places that you could never imagine. From wave kiting and flat water kiting, to snow kiting, the possibilities are endless.

Though travelling can be amazing, kiteboard gear can be heavy and expensive to transport.

Before travelling it is important to research different airlines and learn their baggage allowances and fees before booking a flight. Most airlines will now allow one golf bag, ski/snowboard bag or surf board bag for free as long as it meets the baggage weight requirements.

Though this is true for some airlines, it is not always the case. Kiteboard gear is always over size and if you have multiple boards/kites it is likely to be overweight as well. This can result in some pricey baggage fees if you choose the wrong airline.

An alternative to travelling with your kiteboard gear, is to purchase/rent gear at your destination. This is not always financially beneficial, but saves excess baggage fees and hauling all the gear around if kiting is not the only purpose of your trip. Aerial Kiteboarding shop has Dakine kiteboard travel bags for sale, which meet free baggage (size) requirements.