Kite boarding is a watersport that can be done around the world. With this watersport you use a kite that pulls you on a board over the water. For kite boarding you need the wind to be able to fly the kite. Usually a typical good kiting day, you will have a nice consistent wind around 20-30 knots.

Here in Squamish the season runs from May until September with July and August being the months with the most consistent windy days. The wind is usually around 20-25 knots and sunny weather. As the season is coming to an end it might be a good idea to look at other places for a kite boarding holiday or just for a trip overseas to enjoy this watersport in a different environment.

During the months of October to April kite boarding seasons run in countries such as Mexico, Cape Verde, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia. These countries have warm water and sandy beaches. In Australia, especially the West-Coast is recommended, as there is endless beaches, no crowds, ocean kite-boarding but also flat water. Taking a trip from Perth up to the North West Coast is worth it, stopping at places such as Safety Bay, Perth Beaches, Geraldton, Carnarvon and Exmouth.

Kite boarding in Hangover Bay, Australia

During the summer months here in Canada, you still might want to explore other countries. Some options are France, Portugal, Greece, Egypt or Morocco. Also the wind blows in Asian countries such as Indonesia or Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka you will need to visit the spot Kalpitiya, where you can stay at kite boarding resorts and launch your kite right in front of your accommodation. There is a big lagoon with flat water and also ocean wave riding on the other side of the sandbank. Kalpitiya has two kite boarding seasons, from May to September and from December to February.

Kite boarding can be enjoyed all around the world, and it is worth it checking out new places!