IKO levels

 The IKO
The IKO is the International Kiteboarding Organisation and we teach to their standards.
Yu can get your riding level certified so that you can rent gear internationally or go from one school international standard so that you can pick up your lessons where you left of last time.

If you want to rent gear from a school, it is up to the school to determine what level of riding thei would like you to have to rent gear. Usually level 3 (independent rider) is required.

So what are the IKO levels

Level 1 Discovery is split up into sections from A to E.
This covers the first theory and understanding of the
First piloting of the kite and basic control is included
at this level and you will also learn about the safety
system of your kite and how to use it.
Usually level 1 is easily completed during your first lesson.

Level 2 Intermediate is spilt up into sections from F to I.
Here you will learn about different body-drag techniques
and how to control the power of the kite.

Level 2 will bring you right up to first water starts with the
Depending on your progress so far this is usually
accomplished during the end of your second lesson or the
beginning of your third lesson.

Level 3 Independent of the IKO levels is all about the
From coming to a controlled stop to riding Toe-side this
level takes some time to complete. Some of the skills of
level 3are gained during your third lesson and some are
gained after your lessons when you ride by yourself. 

Level 4 advanced of the IKO levels covers basic jumps to
jumps with grabs and understanding more about weather
and tides and aerodynamics of the kite.