Howe Sound Wind Forecast

Howe Sound Wind Forecast

You are planning a trip to Squamish to go kiteboarding? You would like to know more about the Howe Sound wind forecast? You are not sure where to find the information? In Squamish, we have thermal wind everyday of the summer! It is one of the best places in the world to go kiteboarding. You will find more information below on the Howe Sound wind forecast and on the wind in general in Squamish area.

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Howe Sound wind forecast:

Squamish Windsports Society

On the Squamish Windsports Society website, you will find all the information you need regarding the wind in Squamish. There is a section on the website where you can see the live wind on the spit. You have the direction, the gust, the lull and the average. This is probably the website that you will be using the most. You will also find on that website some information on the forecast. You can go see the Howe Sound marine forecast as well as the temperature gradient. Find more info on those two below.

Howe Sound Wind Forecast

The Howe Sound marine forecast will tell you at what time the wind will start blowing. You can see if the wind will be inflow or outflow, and you can have an idea of how strong it will be.

More About Thermal Wind

The wind that we get in Squamish is thermal wind. It is simple to understand. You basically need warm weather up worth, which creates a low pressure system. The colder temperature down south creates a high pressure system. The air, wanting to equalise the pressure will then move from south to north, creating the thermal wind that we get everyday in Squamish. On the Squamish Windsports Society website, you can find the temperature gradient. In order to have thermal wind, we just need warmer weather up north and colder weather down south. Even a couple degrees different works!