There are a few major steps on how to launch a kitesurfing kite. When launching there are two people needed. First I’m going to talk about the person holding the kite. When holding a kite use the over under grip, bottom hand will be over the leading edge, and top hand will be under the leading edge. Most of the launch working properly lies in the person flying the kite. So the person holding the kite is not expected to do much.

Holding the kite properly is one main thing to know for the assistant, as well as remembering you can always walk downwind with the kite to ensure safety for yourself if the flyer of the kite is not standing in the proper spot. We always hold the kite on the wing tip for an assisted launch. You will stand the kite on the wing tip facing the kite flyer.

Now to talk about the kite flyer, as the kite flyer it is important to be standing in the proper spot or you will be putting all the power of the kite in the assistants hands. You want to start standing downwind so your kite is fluttering that way if anything goes wrong your kite is already de-powered. once you know your assistant has control of the kite and your lines are clear you can walk upwind until your kite fills with air and becomes solid with no fluttering. Once this is done you can give a thumbs up to let the assistant know you have control of your kite.

It is crustal to know how to launch your kitesurfing kite it will give you the confidence you need in kiteboarding to be independent. If you don’t know these simple rules for the launch many things can go wrong. For example if you are the kite flyer, and you start upwind when the person picks your kite up its going to be filled with power, and one of your lines could be tangled. The person holding the kite might not be able to hold it and let go while your line is tangled ending up in you getting dragged down the beach. Study how to properly launch if you are not confident in what you know. Make sure you talk to kiters and read articles or watch videos for everyone’s safety.