Learning how to kitesurf from a professional instructor is extremely important. Taking lessons is the only safe way to learn kitesurfing and will ensure that you learn in the most efficient and fun way.

There are many skills to learn before becoming an independent rider. Through hours of instruction, students will progress through the steps to riding. At Aerial Kiteboarding, our main focus is on fun and safety, our goal is to have our students riding as quickly as possible. To do this we only give the necessary information to perform the task at hand. For example, it is not important for first time students to be able to retrieve their board as our instructors can quickly retrieve lost boards with the boat. As students gain more kite control and grasp a better understanding these independence skills will slowly be introduced.

As mentioned above, kite control is the most important skill when learning how to kitesurf. Once kite control is mastered, students will move onto riding. Throughout the progression, students will be slowly introduced to skills required to becoming independent. These skills include: upwind body dragging (to retrieve a lost board), launching and landing as well as self-rescue and upwind riding.

Attempting to learn how to kitesurf on your own could result in major injury not only to yourself but to others around. A kite can harness enough power the lift a person high off the ground with the potential of crashing into the ground, obstacles and other people. Not having the proper skills to control the kite puts the rider at rick along with any other riders and bystanders on the beach.