There is a variety of things to consider when choosing which kite board to buy. As a beginner, a larger board is better as it has more flotation meaning you need less power from the kite to get up on the board. Large boards are great for learning and amazing for light wind days, but become a struggle when the wind picks up. Here are some things that you need to consider when choosing between kitesurfing boards:

  1. Height and weight of the rider

Under 150 Lbs = 136cm-148cm board
150 – 200 Lbs = 145cm-160cm board
Over 200 Lbs = 150cm-165cm board

2. Average wind strength and kite size

What is the average wind speed of the location you are going to be kiteboarding? If the spot has light wind conditions a board on the larger end of your weight category. On the other side, if you are riding somewhere with insane wind speeds like Cape Town or Brazil (25-30+ knots) you may consider a board slightly smaller than your weight category. You can also change your kite size to accommodate your board size (the bigger the board you have the small kite you need and vice versa).

3.  Preferred style of riding

Different kitesurfing boards are designed differently for different styles of riding. There are board specifically for wake-style riding, surfing, foiling as well as for light wind and learning. Deciding which style of riding you prefer will help you choose a board that is best suited to you.

There are a ton of kitesurfing boards to choose from. Demoing different types of boards from your local kite shop is a great way to figure out what is best for you.