The Howe Sound is an amazing place to enjoy many different water sports including sailing, windsurfing, paddle boarding, kite boarding and wakeboarding! To make the most of your experience wakeboarding in Squamish.

When to go:

Over the summer when the weather is hot and sunny, thermal winds blow starting around 10am into the evening. The strong wind brings choppy waters and wakeboarding is best when the water is flat. Saying that is it best to come out in the early morning between 7am-10am to get the glassy calm waters. Evenings are also possible as the wind dies down though sometimes the wind lasts until dark so the morning is the best bet.

Where to go:

We offer wakeboarding lessons in Squamish as well as just wakeboarding sessions. Come out with your friends (max 5 per boat) and enjoy the glassy waters and breathtaking surroundings of the Howe Sound. We start from our downtown shop location where you will meet your instructor/driver and get suited in the cold water gear (wetsuit, boots and gloves all included). Once you are suited you will head to the marina and out onto the water. Enjoy the hot showers and hot tub after your session.

Cross Training for Kiteboarders:

Wakeboarding is great cross training for kiteboarders! If you don’t have experience with board sports, getting up with the kite can be quite challenging. Practising standing up behind the boat eliminates the kite aspect allowing you to focus all your focus on getting up on the board. Once you have mastered getting up behind the boat, getting up with the kite will be a piece of cake! Wakeboard training is also good practise for freestyle tricks and foil boarding.

How to book:

Booking is simple. You can purchase how ever many hours you would like to do ($125/hour total) through out website and then book yourself into our calendar for a time and date that suits you best.


Wakeboarding in Squamish is a must do!!! See you on the water 🙂