Cheap kitesurfing lessons are hard to come by. At Aerial Kiteboarding we hope to cut the costs for our students as much as possible.

Our 4 hour crash course is our cheapest option for those looking to try out the sport. For only $100 we offer a 4 hour course which includes a 1 hour introductory video and three hours of water time. This course is done in a group of 3-4 people enabling students to learn from each other as well as each get time with the kite to progress through the steps to riding. You will not be an independent rider at the end of this course, private lessons are required in order to learn the necessary skills in becoming independent.

Our private lessons, which offer 1 on 1 time with an instructor are $100/hour. We offer packages for private lessons to discount the price. We offer a 6 hour package for $480 and a 10 hour package for $750.

We offer cheap kitesurfing lessons and discounts on gear to all returning students.

For more information see: Kiteboarding Lessons