Aerial Kiteboarding is the place to to learn beginner kiteboarding!

Instead of spending most of your beginner kiteboarding class on land discussing kiteboarding, we send you an hour long video as soon as you book your crash course lesson that covers all the basics. That way when you show up for your lesson, we head straight out onto the water for 3 whole hours. From our boats (or from a sand bar if the tide is low), you will learn how to control your kite. Once comfortable, you hop into the water and get body dragged on your belly, fully in control of the kite. Everyone has a giant grin on their face by this point!

If you want to get started learning beginner kiteboarding, Aerial Kiteboarding’s crash courses can be booked as a 4 person group, a semi private, or a private crash course. Each option is amazing for different reasons. In a group you are able to learn so much from watching how other people handle the kite, and in a private you receive much more one-on-one attention as you are the only one the instructor is focused on. You can choose what works best for you!

You can book your beginner kiteboarding crash course straight through our website,

Crash course lessons run 7 days per week at 11am or 2pm,  April-October, as long as there’s wind (which there almost always is).

PS- If you have kiteboarded before and this is not your very first time but you are still a beginner, we offer private and semi-private lessons with our certified instructors to help you get to that next level!