Aerial Kiteboarding Squamish BC is the largest kiteboarding school in North America and the only kite shop in Squamish. Any of your kiteboarding needs can be found here including lessons, rentals, repairs and gear purchases. 


Aerial Kiteboarding Squamish BC offer some of the best and highest quality kiteboarding lessons in the world. All lessons are done from boats so students can learn in a comfortable environment away from other kiters, beaches and other obstacles you may run into on land. Only when students are nearing independence will they ever go to the spit to get used the launching and landing in crowds. 

All lessons run from the downtown shop so there is no need to drive the bumpy spit road every time. Here all facilities including the hot tub and hot showers are available.


If you are coming from out of town or simply didn’t bring the right kite size for the day, all gear rentals are available. It is best to call ahead as we get quite busy and this way we can have all the gear ready for you when you arrive. 


Accidents happen and we are here to help you get back on the water. We repair wetsuits, bars, lines, canopy rips, valve repairs and bladder repairs. Just to make things better we will offer you a free rental while your kite is in for repair. 


Aerial Kiteboarding Squamish BC is the only kiteboarding shop in Squamish. We sell anything and everything you need to get yourself out on the water. Kites, bars, lines, wetsuits, pups, booties, boards, foils, you name it we sell it!


If you are looking to buy used gear or sell your old gear Aerial Kiteboarding Squamish BC can help! Our back room is full of used gear for sale and we can help you sell your old things. 

If there is anything else you are needing to make your session a good one, please feel free to stop by and say hello, we would love to have you!