Aerial Kiteboarding

Have you ever been in Squamish? It is an awesome little town surrounded by mountains. There is so much to do here, it is a paradise for outdoor lovers. At Aerial Kiteboarding, we want to bring you out there for you to discover what Squamish has to offer. Here are all the activities you can do with us!


At Aerial Kiteboarding, we offer kite lessons for every level. Whether you are a beginner, you want to become an independent rider, you want to learn advanced tricks or you want to come in for a foil lesson, we can teach you!


At Aerial Kiteboarding, we can bring you out there for an upwind drop! Since the spit can be quite challenging to kiteboard for a rider that just got independent, we want to offer you an affordable solution for you go get out there while being completely safe and having an instructor watching out for you. If you are an independent rider and you want to get more experience while avoiding having to got to the spit, this is perfect for you!


You are travelling to Squamish and you couldn’t bring your kiteboarding gear with you? At Aerial Kiteboarding, we have everything you need! We have multiple brands and types of kite and board, so you should be able to find some gear that you like for you to rent!


At aerial kiteboarding, we also offer some paddle board tours. We can teach you some basics and advanced paddle techniques, we can bring you for a tour in the estuary, we can do a downwind on the howe sound, or we can bring you out on a river run! If you prefer going on your own, we also rent some inflatable paddle boards they can fit in your car and you can go wherever you want!


In the early morning when the wind still hasn’t picked up, it is a perfect time to go wakeboarding on the Howe Sound! Come see us at Aerial Kiteboarding, we will bring you out there!


Echo Lake is an awesome hike on the other side of the river. We can give you a boat ride in the morning, and go pick you up when you are done.