Why should you choose Aerial Kiteboarding?

We offer the best price

We have a best price policy: if you find a better price in another Squamish kiteboarding school for the same product or service, we will beat it. Also, our lessons take place from our boats so, unlike with other schools, you won’t have to pay any spit fee.

We offer you the best equipment

Our boats are the newest and largest in the Howe Sound and we also provide you with high quality kite equipment and cold water gear. We believe that all students should experience the best gear available for their skill level.

We have the best instructors

We have a highly qualified instructor team. In fact, we are proud to employ 3 IKO level 2 instructors out of less than 200 in the world!

We want to make your kiteboarding learning experience easier

On the practical side, launching from our boats spares you the long bumpy spit road and allows you to enjoy launching from the water instead of the crowded Squamish Spit. We also consider catering our lessons to each student as highly important since we want to make kiteboarding a sport as inclusive as possible.

For instance, we are glad to have initiated the Kiteboarding and Adventure Youth Camp and to have founded Adaptive Kiteboarding Canada with the help of our instructors.


We offer a full service school and shop in downtown Squamish including gear rentals, repairs and sales. We also offer hot showers and a hot tub for after your cold session in the Howe Sound.

Who are we?

Aerial Kiteboarding School & Shop was established in 2010 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. After 2 successful winter seasons, Aerial Kiteboarding established a summer destination school in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada located just 40 minutes both North of Vancouver and South of Whistler. In constant search for year -round wind, Aerial Kiteboarding School & Shop is now offering Kiteboarding Destination Camps in Barbados. Aerial Kiteboarding School & Shop continues to offer outstanding lessons and service throughout the year in all locations.

Catering to the locals of Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, and Vancouver Island, as well as the many worldwide travellers visiting the wonders that Squamish, BC has to offer, Aerial Kiteboarding School & Shop offers top-notch lessons with world renowned equipment. With a Satisfaction Guarantee, Aerial Kiteboarding is always striving for continuous success and personal progression both through their students and staff.

Daniel Grains
Through his university studies in Toronto, ON Canada, he found a way to get his hands on some kites and to begin his exploration into Kiteboarding. By speaking to kiters on the beach and trying to figure things out on his own, Daniel learned to kite in the beaches of Toronto, Canada. Daniel Grains, the founder of Aerial Kiteboarding, has been a passionate Canadian kiteboarder since 2005. Beginning of the age of 2 months, Daniel was regularly introduced to the water and wind through his family sail boat trips. As he grew older, Daniel would never turn down a chance to get in the water.

Along with a few bumps and bruises, Daniel has turned into quite the accomplished rider. After completing university, Daniel set out to travel North America in order to obtain his International Kiteboarding Organization certification in the Dominican Republic and begin his life as a Kiteboarding Instructor.

After just a few short months teaching in various locations, Daniel already had Aerial Kiteboarding in mind. He is now a Level 2 Senior IKO instructor and the Owner of Aerial Kiteboarding which runs 2 successful Canadian teaching locations as well as Kiteboarding camps abroad. Despite his busy schedule, Daniel was finally able to compete in his first national kiteboarding competition in 2013 where he placed 2nd and 3rd in two separate events.

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